Orion Group Mobilegeddon


Are You Losing Valuable Web Traffic?

Google has officially launched a LARGE search algorithm update and your website’s traffic is at risk! In an event dubbed “Mobilegeddon”, Google has overhauled its ranking algorithm for mobile-related searches to give significant preference to websites that are deemed “mobile-friendly.” Simply stated, if your site doesn’t pass Google’s Mobile Friendly Test your website is in jeopardy of vanishing in the MILLIONS of searches done on mobile devices daily!

What To Do?

You need to make your website responsive. This means that no matter what device is trying to access your site it is always displayed properly by automatically changing its styling accordingly. Google has now made responsive design a MUST instead of a “nice feature” like it used to be.

This Google update is now LIVE, so If you’d like to talk to someone about making your website more mobile-friendly and avoid losing mobile search traffic, contact us today.

Who is Orion Group?

At Orion Group, our strategy team starts by working closely with you to define your objectives and gain an intimate understanding of your brand. Then we use that learning to help you develop a presence online that will help you stand out and get noticed. Using state-of-the-art technology and talented, top-notch designers, developers, copywriters and marketing specialists, we can help you create the effective, attention-getting internet presence that will help you build your brand, attract business and boost your bottom line.

Orion Group is a full-service, web marketing and design firm in the Milwaukee area serving companies large and small, throughout Wisconsin and nationwide. We specialize in professional website design for clients in virtually every industry, including a specialty in the home remodeling industry. We encourage you to look through our client list and samples of our work and decide for yourself if Orion Group is the right Milwaukee web design & development company for your internet marketing needs.

Our four guiding principles are: Authenticity.  Accountability.  Innovation.  Collaboration.  This is what drives us and improves our company. We hope it shows, when you take a deeper look, and that you experience it for yourself!