Make Your Web Service Work Best For You

Frustrating Web ServiceIn the industry of web development and search engine optimization you’ll hear horror stories of people paying high figures to companies to manage their website without knowing exactly what it is that the web service does for them. Eventually, and inevitably, the customer figures it’s a waste of time and money to have a service that doesn’t illustrate any progress or proof of their work. The client then drops the service and has to start/gamble all over again with a company that may end up having the same issues. While it often seems like you’re on your own with finding a good service, that isn’t entirely the case. Having a web company that provides experienced individuals who know the technology very well is a great asset, but the second and EQUALLY important trait is COMMUNICATION.

Web Service CommunicationYes, client/consultant contact is imperative to the success of any website project. You’re much more likely to get what you want out of the transaction when you keep contact with your web service, and believe it or not, the developers prefer that as well! Proper engagement always starts best with an open line of communication.

When you ask a web service company what it is that they do for you, you can gauge exactly how responsive they will be in future encounters, as well as how helpful their responses will be. Usually before hiring a web development company it is common practice to arrange a meeting to familiarize yourself with who you’re working with and what services they will be providing you. It’s a bad sign in these situations to hear jargon.

Jargon alone tells you these folks are not client oriented in a way that benefits you. However should Co-operationyou request they speak in terms that someone WITHOUT a computer science degree would understand and they abide, you’re back in the clear. It’s a demonstration that they are willing to conform to your needs as a client, and they have invested interest in you understanding what they are talking about. Should it take a lengthy amount of time for them to explain what it is they do, THEY probably don’t know what they do.

In the great words of Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. This holds true even in the complexity of website development. This applies vice versa as well. Not every web developer can be expected to know every minute detail of their clients’ industry. This is where communication from the client comes into play.

How YOU Can Help

Client ResearchPutting forth the effort to understand as much as you can about website development helps when it comes time to facilitate new web projects. When you understand at least a little bit about the technology behind websites, and believe me it’s simpler than you might think to grasp the basics, you can go about your interactions much more smoothly. Classes are commonly offered for free to the public on Meetup. You’ll understand the common struggles in the industry as a whole, and won’t be thrown for a curveball when something changes or malfunctions. Bringing to light the issues you observe from an informed standpoint makes the solutions for those much more pleasing! The client is happy they found a solution, the developers are happy they could help and sometimes even learn something new. Yes, learning something new oddly enough is exciting for developers. It gives them the opportunity to break from the normal routine, and makes them more marketable for future encounters with all of their clients. Their business becomes more effective, and if there’s anything that you can be sure of it’s that business growth hinges on the success of a good online presence.

The hope is that this article gave good insight to clients and developers both on how to develop successful rapport with one another, and how to most effectively and efficiently go about their business!

Article written by – Steven Schwarz (SEO Specialist)

Now that you know the best way to work with your Web Service Company, why not give us a call?! We’re happy to get you started on the right foot!