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WordCamp Milwaukee 2014: What to Expect

April 24th, 2014

WordPress users come from a variety of disciplines and educational backgrounds. Bloggers, freelancers, business owners, developers and designers are common users of this platform. However, in-person networking opportunities for these groups are somewhat rare, so this is one of the most exciting aspects of Milwaukee WordCamp 2014.

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Why Project Force Field Made My Life Easier

April 22nd, 2014

pff-blogWordPress brute-force attacks are a nuisance. Not only that, they are potentially dangerous, especially if one of your users is using a not-so-great password. The amount of damage that can be caused by a cracked WordPress admin password is a bit scary.  Even if the scripts don’t guess a password these attacks can get quite heavy, spanning thousands of IPs, and causing a mass of server load that bogs down your website,  all of those login attempts require PHP to execute and your database to be queried.

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Avoiding Google Penalties When Sharing Authentic Content with Authority Websites

April 21st, 2014

No duplicateRecently after posting an expert level technical blog article, a client of Orion Group was approached by an industry authority website seeking to develop their own article based upon content featured in the original blog article. Our client recognized the invitation as being an opportunity for getting additional online exposure and gladly agreed. Read the rest of this entry »


What Can a Website Do For You? Why Even Have a Website?

April 17th, 2014

“I need a website!”

If you want a website, it is important to figure out what you want to do with it. Understanding what you want to accomplish, and how your website fits into your, or your organization’s, goals is key to a successful website.

Here are some key questions you should ask yourself when you want a website: What do you want your website visitors to learn? How do you want your website visitors to feel? What do you want your website visitors to do?

So, as a brainstorming exercise, I wrote a huge list of what I have seen websites do, or try to do. Then when analyzing the list, it came to me that there were broad commonalities to many of these features that you might want on a website. A little bit of sorting, and I came up with the lengthy list below. Just a word of warning, when you try to do too much, your site’s main purpose becomes diluted, and visitors might be confused.

what you website can do for you

So, When you boil it down . . .

There Are Only Five Things You Can Do With A Website, Legitimately

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Inspiration for Your New Website: Headers

April 17th, 2014

When you’re out shopping around for a new website, one of the first meetings you will have is going to be based around the question: how do you want your website to look? This is where I see a lot of clients fall short of knowledge. Websites are your online presence, and the look of it will be very important. Do you want to come off business professional, socially driven, season driven, or even come off better to younger generation than an older generation.  But why should you know how to come up with the look of your website, the companies are the experts, right?

While the company should be the expert, it really helps companies out if clients know how they want their websites laid out. In this new series: Inspiration for Your New Website, I will show you the different parts of a website and a few examples of how these can be done.

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April 17th, 2014

Last month, I discussed how everyone is affected by the different types of identity theft.  This month, I’m sharing tips from the stop identity theftexperts to help you reduce the risk of becoming another victim of identity theft.   Some of these items are not new, but they certainly bear repeating!

  1. Buy a shredder, preferably a cross-cut shredder, and shred papers containing any personal or medical information.  Do not just throw them in the trash.  Thieves are not afraid to dumpster dive to get your information.

  2. Keep financial records in a safe place in your home.  That includes your Social Security and Medicare cards.  Do not carry your Social Security or Medicare cards in your wallet or purse.   Read the rest of this entry »


Removing Spam Google+ Local Listings & Fixing Hijacked GMM POIs

April 1st, 2014

When you type in a search for a local service or product in Google, you would expect to see a list of various providers in the area returned in the search results. Sometimes, however, these results are hijacked or tainted by spammy looking local listings, which can cause issues for the other, legitimate, local businesses.

Some spam listings not only dilute the search results, but can also completely change the type of results that Google displays. If Google feels a particular search is a ‘branded’ term, such as a company’s name, it will return results focused more towards that particular company, such as it’s website with the corresponding G+ Local listing information attached to it and other relevant pages about that company below it (such as its LinkedIn or Facebook page or YellowPages or BBB listing.) Read the rest of this entry »


Chrome Bug: Text Not Loading

April 1st, 2014

chromium-logoA couple blog posts ago, I wrote about how fonts sometimes look pixelated and distorted in Chrome.  The developers at Orion Group have also noticed another issue with Chrome and text: sometimes, the text doesn’t load at all.  Sometimes, hovering over where text should be, or refreshing the page, makes the text appear.   Chrome developers are aware of the bug and you can track the progress of the issue here: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=336476  It sounds like they are getting closer to a fix so hopefully this will be resolved soon.  But if you are a developer who needs a workaround now, here are some fixes. Read the rest of this entry »


What You Should Know About Identity Theft

March 14th, 2014

It could happen to youIt should come as no surprise that identify theft is out of control with more than 9 million Americans falling victim EACH YEAR.  If you carry your credit card and driver’s license, make purchases online, or simply buy lunch with a debit card, you are putting yourself at risk for identity theft.  Unfortunately, fewer than one in 700 identify crimes lead to an arrest.

No doubt you have heard about the theft of millions of credit and debit card numbers as well as personal information from the data bases of Target, Michaels, Neiman Marcus, Walgreens, Nordstrom, Zappos.com, Choicepoint, Lexis Nexis, DSW Show Warehouse, TJ Maxx, HSBC, and Bank of America.  Data hackers are operating more like a business with sophisticated networks of criminals who are hawking our identities.  Criminals are looking to get the maximum yield of monetizable data and the retail industry is an easy target.  Once the hackers have your information, they either use it themselves or sell to other thieves.  With your personal information, they have access to your credit history. If you have high credit scores, criminals will then use your information to open new bank accounts, take out mortgages and other large loans, as well as new credit cards.  Victims are unaware of these new accounts until the creditor seeks overdue payments. Read the rest of this entry »