Adding a Puerto Rico Business to Online Business Directories & Major Aggregators

What do Localeze, InfoGroup, Factual, Acxiom …. and Yahoo Local have in common? They don’t seem to support Puerto Rico based businesses. For a typical United States ‘mainland’ client, we would use our standard tool set to publish and/or correct online business listings, however, for companies doing business in Puerto Rico, this IYP correction task gets more complicated. Continue reading

3 Red Flags In Your Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy Red Flags

3 Red Flags In Your Digital Strategy

First and foremost lets be clear on one thing, simply having a Facebook page for your business is not a digital strategy.

Many small to mid-sized business owners who aren’t as immersed in their company’s online marketing don’t understand this and this lack of realization adds to their concern of why they aren’t getting the attention or conversions they want in the digital space. Digital is all-encompassing and succeeding in digital isn’t a hobby. It all boils down to actually having a clear strategy, or roadmap, to be able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

So, say it with me now: I will not set goals without creating a strategy to reach them in the first place. Great. Will there be bumps in the road? Inevitably. That’s why our overall strategies also need to be constantly monitored, adapted, and analyzed along the way. Continue reading

Running PHP From Windows Command Line

Since PHP is a server side scripting language, a lot of development using PHP is done on a live web environment. However, PHP does allow you to install it and run scripts on your local machine with no web access needed.

Running PHP from Windows command line can be especially useful when trying to rapidly develop custom scripts, or to read and modify local files. In the example, we will use a custom PHP iterator. Download it here.

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Google To Release Responsive Mobile Update – Is Your Website Ready?

Google Logo

Google is set to release a new mobile-friendliness algorithm update on April 21 that will impact the mobile search results of websites that aren’t responsive. Is your site responsive?! If not, it may be time for you to upgrade. Here are a few resources for you to check out from the Google Webmasters themselves and Moz who’s a leader in Google Algorithm updates. Continue reading

Modern Cloud Typography and Browser Font Compatibility

fontWhen web designers get together they like to discuss current trends and happenings in their chosen industry. Some developer’s responsibilities include making web and mobile versions of print magazines. As can be expected, typography can be one of the major challenges that a web developer would face in getting content published.

Print magazine designers and publishers have greater freedom than their online counterparts in terms of typography. This may be difficult to believe for average users of word processing or desktop publishing software. There is a typographic disconnect between web design standards and browser compatibility that makes print design difficult to reproduce online. Imagine the challenge of bringing Ray Gun, a mid-1990s rock-and-roll magazine that was legendary for its rich typography, to an iPhone. Continue reading

Get Git and You’ve Got the Power

Git LogoGit is a powerful version control software. If you are unsure of what version control is, you’ve most likely done it before. If you have ever saved a file (ex. file.txt), made some edits, and saved a second copy (ex. file2.txt, filerevised.txt), you have used a basic form of version control. Git is great at automating that process along with having additional tools and functionality. Read on to get started with Git.

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5 Linux Distributions That You Need To Check Out

linuxversions-300There are literally hundreds of Linux distributions out there, and trying to sort through them can be a bit overwhelming.  Just take a look at DistroWatch and you will see a running counter of the top 100 distributions.  Not only is there a lot to choose from, but many serve specialized purposes, some are built for desktop use, others for servers, embedded systems, firewalls, routers, there is even a Sniper Rifle that runs on Linux. I am going to take a quick look at 5 Linux distributions that are built for use on the desktop. Each of these distributions are quite different from one another, but they shine in their own respective ways. Continue reading

Office Space Available for Rent in Sussex

Orion Group has extra open-concept office space available for subleasing in Sussex, Wisconsin.

Fully furnished with desks and chairs and tables, or bring your own furniture.

Address: N69W25055 Indian Grass Lane, Sussex, WI 53089

Size: Approximately 31’x26′ or 806 sq. feet​ of open space, includes kitchenette and bathroom
Price: $1,500/month  (utilities included)
Contact:​ Scott Offord at 262-844-5773 or
Meetupery Room Pics - 5

Spacious and bright area with comforting natural light coming from the Northern wall (entire wall of large windows).


Meetupery Room Pics - 6

A built-in 21-foot long counter with bar stools line the East wall. Kitchenette and bathroom along the West wall.


Meetupery Room Pics - 7

The walls are wired with electrical, phone and Internet cables. The floor has two separate outlets near the middle of the rooms. Ceiling is wired for overhead projector.


Subletting opportunity in Suite G from Orion Group.

Contact:​ Scott Offord at 262-844-5773 or


I’m Daphne!

daphBARK! BARK! That’s how I say, “Hi there!” when you come to meet me at the office. My name is Daphne.  I love people, especially when they have yummy treats!

Jon and Emma adopted me in November 2014 from HAWS in Waukesha.  They’ve taught me lots of tricks like “Bang!” where I play dead, roll over, twirl, and high five.  But they’re still working on keeping me calm when someone knocks on the door. :)

5 Tips to Composing a Fantastic Tweet

Twitter LogoTwitter has become it’s own creature since the time of its birth in March of 2006. When it first came out, all of us were in the middle of our honeymoon stage on Facebook, enthralled with the social power of it all. Do you still not understand Twitter or how to compose a fantastic tweet? Read on if you want a few tips on composing a fantastic tweet. It is definitely a science of its own. Continue reading