Who Knew You Could Do This With Google Search?

If all you’ve been using Google search for is to find products, services, websites and media, you’re missing out. Behind the unassuming homepage, there’s a wealth of unique features to discover. Try these eight ways Google makes the web more useful and fun.

1. Read Archived Newspapers

Google NewspapersGoogle News doesn’t just bring you the latest headlines. The search giant has archived well over a century’s worth of publications from around the world. You can read small local and niche papers or browse through the contents of well-known publications. This is a great tool to help with research for school, work or personal use. Continue reading

The Need for Ongoing Online Business Listing Management Services

If a company moves locations or has changed their name or phone number over the years, they are most likely in need of online business listing management services. The Orion Group can update the name, address and phone number (NAP) data found on internet yellow page (IYP) type websites. However, the service is not just a ‘one and done’ type of job. There is a need for the ongoing management of a company’s online business listing presence. Continue reading

The Importance of Online Business Listings & Reviews as Ranking Factors

Having correct and consistent online business listings and gaining positive reviews in those listing venues are an absolute must for obtaining higher rankings in the search engines these days, especially for companies who provide ‘local’ services such as practitioners, contractors, attorneys, repair companies, etc, or who sell products locally, for example restaurants, auto dealers, etc. Continue reading

High Bounce Rate? Here’s How to Fix It

bounce rateGoogle defines bounce rate as the “percentage of visitors” that leave your site from a landing page “without interacting with it.” Watch this funny and educational video by Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, Avinash Kaushik, calls bounce rate the “sexiest metric ever” and is a huge fan of it. As Avinash mentions, bounce rate is important for your inside pages also, not just your homepage.

A high bounce rate is often a sign that the user experience needs improvement. If your site isn’t getting the engagement you want, try these tips for lowering your bounce rate: Continue reading

August Report on “Google’s Mobilegeddon


It is now 4 months since Google launched it’s new algorithm nicknamed “Mobilegeddon”.
The impact of this launch is still being studied as time goes on by SEO Analysts, and Online Marketeers, and other research sources in this industry. It is my continued goal to provide research results to businesses who might otherwise lose touch with what is going on with the Internet as they might be too busy running their own businesses and day to day issues that take up all their time.

I still see complacency occurring among web site clients that it was much to do about nothing. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some interesting findings as I continue my research on this subject. Continue reading

When is a Duplicate IYP Listing Not a Duplicate?

In the world of online business listings there exists different definitions of what is a ‘duplicate listing’. Internet marketing professionals may view listings in a different light than an internet yellow pages (IYP) venue or a data aggregator might. That is understandable, since we each have different reasons for working with the data contained in said listings.

Some people understand the importance of not having incorrect/duplicate business listings in existence, however it appears that some venues or business owners seem to think it is OK for a business to be listed more than once in a particular business directory. Continue reading

How Can Online Business Listings Help My Website Rankings (vs Backlinks)

Online Business Listings (NAP)The interesting thing about citations in general is that they can help raise the trust of a company in the search engines, even without a link pointing to your website. Google sees mentions (aka ‘citations’) of your business name, address, and/or phone number (NAP) online as reinforcing the existence of the business. The webpages containing these mentions help to expand search engines’ knowledge of your business; thus adding trust.

Search engines can more confidently gather and interpret information about your business when there are more listings in existence that contain data about the business, and these listings contain proper data. For example IYP listings may contain your business’ hours of operation, description, category keywords, etc. Continue reading

Which IYP Listings are Most Important for my Business?

In the online business listing industry there is no exact standard for determining which internet yellow page (IYP) directories are the most important for citation building purposes. I’ve seen many ‘top 100’ IYP venue lists and even a ‘top 1000’ list out there somewhere. So how can we know where we should list a business online? Continue reading

Was Google’s “Mobilegeddon” all smoke and mirrors?


It’s been two months now since Google released it’s latest “Algorithm” that has changed mobile searches on smartphones. The vast majority of websites today are not mobile friendly and do not meet Google’s standards. If you’d like to test your web site for to see if it is mobile friendly please plug it in here and check for yourself.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Site!

There are several great articles which describe Google’s “Mobilegeddon” of which I have provided links for in this letter:

Google’s New Search Algorithm Stokes Fears Of ‘Mobilegeddon’

Google has made a giant change that could crush millions of small businesses

Mobilegeddon: how Google’s new search algorithm affects business

“The change is only taking place on Google searches made on smartphones. The results will favor websites deemed “mobile friendly,” giving them higher rankings than sites that are only optimized for desktops and laptops.”

This is an excellent article:

Post-Mobilegeddon Update: Is The Impact As Catastrophic As Predicted?

It is my desire to make as many people aware of this so they can take advantage of this situation. Just think! Shear statistics state that 85% of web sites today are not mobile friendly. I believe it safe to assume the same about your competitors.

If your web site is not “Responsive” / “Mobile Friendly” give us a call today so we can explain what you’d have to do in order to comply with Google and beat your competitors to the rewards!