Why Websites Need to be “Remodeled.” Is your site outdated?

Is your website outdated or are you thinking of starting anew?

To remodel or not to remodel? That is the question.

Everyone knows that there is a season to remodel. Remodeling our kitchens, remodeling our bathrooms, remodeling our homes, etc., but who really understand what it means to remodel a website?

Or should you just move to a new home/domain?Home Remodeling

Why is it necessary for you to update/remodel your website? The simple answer, everything gets outdated and needs to be redone eventually. It’s part of life. Let’s explore this with a house analogy. Continue reading

When LinkedIn Networking Goes All Wrong

Have you ever received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn that was very out of the blue and perhaps seemingly a little inappropriate? I’m a fairly aggressive LinkedIn user, so I run into this sort of thing once in a while.

Linkedin Spam

A Spammy Message in My LinkedIn Inbox

Today, immediately upon connecting with someone who I thought might be worth networking with on LinkedIn, I received a message in my inbox.

I was intrigued at first, but partly suspicious. How could someone have written a personal message to me that quickly?! Well, chances are it wasn’t really a personal message crafted just for me. It was a form letter that some automated program sent me.

Being fairly savvy in all things LinkedIn, I knew what to do next. To the right side of the Send a message button on all your connections’ profiles, there is a blue and white down-arrow. Upon clicking report or block user on linkedinthat arrow, a list of options appear. Of course, I selected “Block or report”.

Selecting this option brings up a layer that gives options to Block or Report this person.. DUH! Choosing the Block option means that I won’t be able to access their profile and they won’t be able to access mine. Fine with me! We won’t be able to mess each other on LinkedIn. Phewph! And, If we’re connected, we won’t be connected any longer. What a relief! I won’t have to go find that silly disconnect button myself.

how to block a linkedin userChoosing the Report option means that Linkedin will review the profile in question and will search for inappropriate behavior or violations of their Terms of Use. I chose this option on the grounds of misrepresentation. I really don’t think that Laura Scott is a beautiful Interior Decorator from Kentucky. I think she’s actually a he and most likely lives in Nigeria or the Philippines.

Moral of the story? Unless you want your LinkedIn network full of contacts who are out to trick you and steal your money, you need to be careful with whom you network.

There is no right or wrong way to do this LinkedIn networking thing. Just make sure you don’t get duped into wasting time communicating with frauds.

Can a Business Be Too Small to Need a Website?

Many small business owners feel they don’t need a website because they are so small that they don’t have any employees or, only one or two. new website Some believe they don’t need a website because their goods or services cannot be sold online.  Unless you are not interested in growing your business, your small business needs a website!  Here’s why:

24/7-The internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  Anyone can go online and learn about your services or goods any time of the day or night.  It provides accessibility whenever it is convenient for the potential customer.   Continue reading

4 Simple Tips: How to Work Effectively With Web Developers

How to Work Effectively With Web Developers

4 Tips on how to work effectively with Web Developers

What questions have you had about your web developers before starting a re-develop, re-construct or new construction project for your website? We all know that communication is key to a project as big and as important as developing a company website, but does it happen effectively up front? The purpose of this blog is to give you a heads up on how to easily work with web developers before starting a project. I will give you four tips on how to easily work with web developers.

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A Brief Blogging Primer



A conversation between you and your audience. Your audience may be prospects, clients, tire kickers and other types of information seekers. Your goal is to provide fresh, useful information that provides valuable insights relevant to their information needs. Beyond text, blogs may use photos, videos, infographics, narration, and other rich content to create interest and accelerate understanding.




Blogs make your website more visible to potential prospects for your services. Incorporating keyword search phrases into your blog content results in higher ranking as a result of search engines indexing your blog pages with your strategic keyword phrases — your website domain will have greater chances of being displayed to potential customers using these same strategic search terms.   With higher ranking will come heightened visibility of your website and more opportunities to connect with prospects. Continue reading

So You Got Them to Your Website, Now What? Tips to Close More Sales Online

You have invested time and money in SEO (search engine optimization), listing your website locally, pay-per-click and maybe even TV and radio ads. You notice the amount of visitors to your site has increased, but sales haven’t. Sound familiar?
Have you ever been to a grocery store and noticed an abandoned shopping cart, full of groceries including sweaty milk and melting ice cream? In the grocery business, that’s called a “shop-back cart”. The same thing happens online too. Why do you think customers would leave?
Website conversion optimization is the science of turning website visitors into customers. Many times, the sales path is cluttered and it’s like guess work to find the check-out. Other times, there could be things in your customer’s shopping experience that seem sketchy to them and they abandon their shopping cart just like they do at a brick & mortar store.

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Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make While Writing Code

There is a lot to learn related to web development while surfing the web, but there are a few common mistakes that you should not make while you integrate HTML, CSS, and a dynamic language like PHP.  I’m choosing this topic because there are number of famous writers/authors and coders who have tons of knowledge and written about almost everything that they have learnt throughout their professional careers.  But Emma Edgar motivated me to write something from my own experience and just to give it few minutes of my time, but as it is going to be my first ever blog post in last five years it took me a day to think about “What should I write?”.  

As per my experience, most of the programmers around the world have a sound knowledge of programming fundamentals, HTML and CSS. But still I noticed most make silly mistakes while writing code. There are so many reasons for these silly mistakes, the ones I have noticed are:


  • Lack of co-ordination and understanding between team members.
  • Lack of proper knowledge about the CMS that they are working on.
  • Lack in understanding of coding.
  • Lack of differentiation between dynamic and static HTML Elements, ids, classes.
  • Lack of conditional statements where they are actually required.

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Value-Based Pricing – Is it For Your Business?

Many businesses sell their services by operating under the labor theory of value, where the value of a service is determined by the amount of scalelabor used in its production. But there is another theory that is being used successfully. Value-based pricing!

What is Value-Based Pricing?

Value-based pricing is a subjective pricing strategy which sets prices primarily, but not exclusively, on the value to the customer rather than on the cost of the product or market prices. It has been called the pinnacle of pricing. But getting there takes some research. Continue reading

Venn Diagram of Keyword Analysis: How Do Your Keywords and Marketing Goals Intersect?

image of venn diagram of keywords“Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field.” It allows for better connection to your current customers and future prospects. Knowing the right keywords will allow you to be successful in your online efforts. It is no longer good enough for your business to just be online, these days you have to be found.

Here is the problem: Which Keywords?

(Note: When I say the word “keywords”, it can mean both a single word, or multiple words, as in a keyword phrase.)

As you delve deeper into SEO and internet marketing, you realize that sometimes there is an overlap, sometimes there is a disconnect, in the various ways keywords are used. In my mind, the image that comes up is of overlapping connections, or circles. At other times the connections between these keywords don’t exist, and the circles don’t overlap. Keywords, and their relationships to each other, can be imagined as a complex, multi-factor Venn Diagram of circles. Read on, and you will see that the more these circles overlap, the more coherent your internet marketing will be. Continue reading

Content Strategy & the Web Development Process

Not All Web Development Companies Work The Same Way

content strategyAll web development companies do not work the same. We each have our own internal processes, philosophies and ways of doing business that provide very different client experiences. Some web development projects include an internet marketing component, while other projects can be simple brochure-style website. Some of the experience a client receives is based on how we describe our capabilities to our prospects or how well we convey the value of our services. Other factors that can affect a project, of course, are the project’s goal, purpose and budget.
At Orion Group, internet marketing services are a standard inclusion in most proposals we send out. Occasionally the internet marketing consulting line items are marked as an optional deliverable – it’s in the proposal, our prospects can see it, and they can decide for themselves. If the budget just isn’t there or if they’re confident in doing it themselves, they don’t have to purchase the service. Continue reading