Below, we’ve outlined a few of our core values representing the things that Orion Group stands for and believes in as a company:

Authenticity. We try to make sure that we are truthful and genuine in how we treat everyone, from our staff to our prospects and clients. We are honest and open about how we operate and just say it as it is. Transparency and assuring everyone knows exactly what to expect is key here. We believe it’s essential to provide a good work environment for our team. When our team is happy, it shows in the work they do. And that results in the highest quality services we provide for our clients.

Accountability. We do what we say we’ll do. It’s that simple. It’s not always about profit to us. We take ownership of what we are given and go above and beyond to meet our clients expectations. If something isn’t done exactly right the first time, we fix it. We make sure we are able to explain our actions and account for all work completed. And we always maintain clear channels of communication because we understand that it’s important in the success of our projects and to the happiness of our clients.

Innovation. It goes without saying that anyone in our business needs to be forward-thinking. Marketing is now more dependent on technology than ever before, so we focus on constantly improving and learning, both personally and professionally. We are always trying to stay one step ahead of the game. As a company we continually look for new ways to refine our skills in order to not only keep up with the ever-changing industry but also to allow us to be trendsetters.

Collaboration. We work together with our clients and vendors to achieve a common goal. Because it is difficult for just one person or one company to know everything, we strive toward unity and create a teamwork environment. At Orion Group, everyone has a voice and plays an integral part in serving our clients. In our company, we are as democratic as possible, which is evident in our project management approach. We gather feedback from all involved and implement new ideas that bring positive change.