Orion Group has partnered with Cartika to provide dedicated web servers for our clients. Being on an Orion server guarantees that your site will perform in the cloud at peak efficiency. Your website will not be competing with hundreds of other sites on the same machine. Also, since we operate and maintain the servers, we have full control of the environment, allowing us to take full advantage of the server to meet our client’s needs.

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Our web servers are located at Cartika with Datacenters in both Texas and Canada, providing the highest degree in security and Internet connectivity in the industry. Operating web servers in offices and basements no longer provides the security and infrastructure to guarantee the highest degree of up time possible.

Even with this high level of service, and all these extra features, our web hosting plans are competitively priced with other hosting companies offering far less. In fact, we are often able to save customers money over what they are currently paying, and increase their level of service. Please call us at 262-820-9520 to see which of our plans will best suit your business website requirements.

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