Social media has rapidly become a valuable tool for companies to keep in touch with their customer base. Not only does social media allow you to build your brand online, it can also serve as a customer service tool that can help you inspire good brand experiences as well as immediately address bad ones. There are many ways to market online using social media and Orion Group can help – whether you have specific goals in mind or need some guidance.

Understanding Popular Social Media Venues


When considering your social media plan, there are a number of options to pick from, depending on your goals. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter still remain some of the most popular, while others, like YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram continue to gain popularity. Orion Group will work with you to determine the best plan to meet you goals. Then, we’ll help you create and set up your social media profiles to give you the best advantage possible. Some interesting things to consider when determining your social media plan:


  • allows for many types of media, including video, photos, and events
  • easy to determine demographics of your subscribers
  • subscribers will “like” your page or “friend‐request” you


  • limited to 140 characters of text per update
  • people will “follow” you and you can follow others


  • works more like an online resume or company profile
  • learn about a person’s education and professional work history

The Importance of Social Media Content Generation

Content generation is another very important aspect to consider when thinking about your social media plan. In the social media world, content is king. It’s not about  hard selling to people here or talking “at” them. It’s about honest conversations and sharing helpful, relevant, unbiased information. Any deviation from these unwritten rules could result in more customers lost than gained. There are two ways to generate content by using social media:

Write Your Own

  • publish short status updates
  • posting recent news and upcoming events
  • discuss your unique selling points or the benefits of your products
  • ask questions (rhetorical or specific, get feedback)

User-Generated Content

  • your prospects or customers might interact with you on one of the various social media venues
  • someone might complain about your customer service or product quality, or they might publicly thank you for a job well done

Tracking Social Media ROI

Just by the nature of social media, tracking ROI is not as straightforward as it is with other marketing initiatives. The return on investment of social media participation is more likely visible in the long term, as it is more about building your brand and interacting with people than it is about direct ROI. Some questions you might want to ask yourself to help determine your campaign’s success include:

  • How many visitors did we get to our website?
  • How many posts/updates did we make this month?
  • Do people comment on our posts, status updates, event announcements and tweets?
  • What do our customers say about us when they mention our company or services online?

Orion Group can help you track and manage your social media efforts. Call today and ask for Bill, or contact us via email from our contact form.