Send Mass Emails To Your Prospects & Customers While Tracking Effectiveness With Orion’s Email Marketing & Reporting Tools

email-marketing-reportsEmail marketing makes it easy way to stay at the front of your clients’ minds. You can send monthly emails sharing your latest news, upcoming events, or current specials.

Sending mass emails can be frustrating. Using Microsoft Outlook is time consuming and could send your emails right to the spam box… and how do you even know your emails are even being read?

Orion Group will design a template with your logo and company colors that will impress your clients every time. our email marketing system will allow you to import your existing list of email addresses. You will also see who opened your email and how many clicked a link inside your email.

If you would like to improve customer loyalty, increase traffic to your website, or just want to keep your clients informed, ask us about our email marketing tool.


Per Campaign Plan

Great if you only send emails occasionally. There are no monthly fees and you only pay when you send.

$10 Per Campaign + 3¢ Per Recipient

Let’s say you send to 1,000 subscribers. You’ll pay a total of $40. That’s $30 (5¢ for each recipient) plus the $10 delivery fee.

With Our Email Marketing Software You Get Real-Time Reports

  • Measure the effectiveness of every campaign
  • Analyze the number of opens and link clicks
  • Find the most interesting part of the campaign
  • See who forwarded to a friend or unsubscribed

Learn more about our email marketing system: Download this PDF presentation