As part of our comprehensive SEO service here at Orion Group, we perform what’s called a Competitive Intelligence Report. The purpose of this audit is to gain a better understanding of where your best converting traffic is coming from and to learn what keywords should be implemented throughout the website. We analyze the competitive online landscape of your industry, website’s title tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, page headings and content.

Utilizing advanced tools and reports to identify your best opportunities online

Our SEO specialists at Orion Group start with tools, such as Google Webmaster Tools, to determine opportunities for improving keyword targeting. We also review off-site factors, such as backlinks, that affect the organic authority of the website.

We use Google Analytics to explore the various sources of traffic to the website and review the tracking of events, goals, and conversions that could lead to better marketing decisions. We also take an inventory of your website’s existing or planned URLs, title tags, meta descriptions and headings and provide a strategy for maximizing search engine indexation.

Before any changes are applied to the website, we’ll provide you with a baseline report showing the relative visibility of your site in the search engines, compared to your online competitors’ websites. This report will reveal key opportunities for improvement in search engine rankings. Thirty days after implementation, we’ll also monitor the ranking of your website, for up to 50 keywords relevant to your niche, to determine if visibility of your site in the search engines was gained or lost.

Your Competitive Intelligence Report will prove you with an official document containing:

  • Current organic rankings in Google for 40-50 keyword phrases
  • Recommendations on how to improve your website for better positioning in the search engines
  • Off-site website metrics, such as number of backlinks and the diversity of anchor text found for your website and your competitors’ websites
  • A content inventory and site mapping spreadsheet that details our recommended page names, title tags, meta descriptions and page headings
  • Offsite NAP strategy (check for accuracy of Name, Address and Phone across the 3 major aggregators and Internet Yellow Page-style websites and suggest a plan for remediation)