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Posted by Scott Offord on May 31st, 2013

I’m reaching out to you because the local Milwaukee community needs your help.

Please read the [edited]┬ánote below from James Carlson, the visionary behind Bucketworks (http://bucketworks.org/ – a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dear to my heart and many others’ in the tech/web/arts community).

Scott Offord

P.S. Orion Group has already donated… Will you?!

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: James Carlson
Date: Thu, May 30, 2013 at 7:41 PM
Subject: Emergency: Bucketworks eviction notice

Why am I writing to you?

Bucketworks was served with a notice of 30-day eviction at 1:45pm on Thursday, May 30th. At that time our landlord shared with Tim Syth, Director of Bucketworks, that he was planning to sign a lease with the Brenner Brewing Company.

We have reached out numerous times for a meeting with Mike to discuss the situation and offered to collaborate, but have not received a response.

Tim has been informed that we have until 4:30pm tomorrow to respond to our landlord.

Tim and the Bucketworks team are currently exploring three possibilities for this response:

  • Try to buy some time to have a dialog with both Mike Brenner and our landlord — this isn’t going well.
  • Raise $18,000 for a block payment to our landlord, in which case he will not sign a lease with another entity.
  • Buy the building (around $750,000)

What will happen if Bucketworks is evicted by June 30, 2013?

These local Milwaukee initiatives and businesses will be instantly displaced and suffer a severe interruption of their operations:

  • Artworks for Milwaukee
  • 15 businesses will lose their workplace (Car Care Kiosk, Bucket Brigade, School Factory, Glimpse, Gordon Solutions, Beepods.com, Brew City Boxes, 10+ tech meetups, the Milwaukee Community Circus and more.)
  • as well as many individual members
  • and 80,000 bees

I am writing to you because I am seeking your advice and support on this challenging situation. Time is of the essence. Please share any questions, concerns, or recommendations by replying to this email. I will respect your confidence and keep private any responses you share. I am really seeking your input.

Thank you for being supportive of our Milwaukee adventure over the last 11 years!

James Carlson
Founder, Bucketworks


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